We are on a mission to preserve your time.

Providing clear expectations benefits sender and recipient alike,
helping everyone to be more productive and stress-free.

For the benefits of:

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More reasons to love Timyo

Reminders on pending replies

Because you send email with clear expectations, Reply Tracker lets you know when a reply is pending or overdue

Notify the sender

With just one click, inform the sender when you plan on dealing with their request.

To-do and email in one place

It’s easy to create your own To-Do straight from your inbox. Just send yourself an email with expectation and organize your personal and professional tasks in one place.

Smart notifications

Choose to be notified only for emails that require your immediate attention (Today, VIPs)

Actionable badge counter

See only today’s unread emails. Stay focused on what to achieve today.

Cc and Bcc insights

Cc or Bcc messages are tagged in your inbox. At glance, you now know which emails may require more attention or time than others.

Timyo works seamlessly from your
mobile or your desktop

Timyo on the desktop, Android, and iOS